Undermine (Podcast Notes)

Undermine (Podcast Notes)

Sometime during episode six I realized that I needed to start writing this stuff down so, later, I could go back and listen to the specific shows, songs, and other artists that were mentioned in the podcast. It's a bit like being a student again. I love it. And I figure others might also be interested in going down the rabbit hole. So, I decided to post my notes here. They're mostly accurate. I think. Anyway, this in no way is a substitute for all the awesome stories and insights from the actual podcast. But hopefully it's a decent reference for going back to listen to all those things you were like, "Oh, I should go back and listen to that." 

Undermine S01E01: The Origins

Undermine S01E02: The Early Shows

Undermine S01E03: The 80's Rock Scene

Undermine S01E04: The Early Compositions

Undermine S01E05: The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday

 Undermine S01E06: Westward Expansion and Improvisation

Undermine S01E07: Junta

Undermine S01E08: The Paradise

Undermine S01E09: The Moment of Inspiration

Undermine S01E10: The Community

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