Undermine S01E02

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S01E02: The Early Shows


1983 12-02 Burlington, VA (Harris-Mills Cafeteria at UVM)
1984 11-03 Burlington, VT (Slade Hall @ UVM)
  • Sounds like a board tape, but is more of a saturated cassette recording
  • Sounds like an early Grateful Dead recording
  • Listen to Fishman's playing here ... he really drives the groove
  • http://phish.in/1984-11-03
1984 12-01 Burlington, VT (Nectar's)
  • First show at Nectar's and first proper board tape
  • Clearest picture of what early Phish sounded like
  • Sounding more like a bar band than a dorm band
  • http://phish.in/1984-12-01
1985 03-04 Burlington, VT (Hunt's)
1985 05-03 Burlington, VT (UVM)
  • Good example of where the songs were at this point
  • Mike really makes "Whipping Post" sound like ABB
  • First Page show ... appears as a guest later on in the set
  • Important show to be able to hear two guitars vs keys/guitar
  • http://phish.in/1985-05-03
1985 10-30 Burlington, VT (Hunt's)
1986 10-15 Burlington, VT (Hunt's)
  • First show with Paul Languedoc at the board
  • Also first real complete Phish show in circulation
  • Really starting to sound like the Phish we know today
  • Silliness of "Roll Like a Cantaloupe"
  • http://phish.in/1986-10-15
1986 10-31 Plainfield. VT (Sculpture Room at Goddard College)
2013 12-31 New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)


Skin It Back
Help On the Way > Slipknot! > AC/DC Bag
The Other One
Mike's Song
You Enjoy Myself
Don't Want You No More > Cities
Harry Hood


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