Undermine S01E04

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S01E04: The Early Compositions


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Divided Sky
  • 1987 05-11 Burlington, VT (Nectar's)
    • First known performance
    • Only 4.5 minutes long and missing multiple sections as we know it today
    • The jam session is not there, though there is a brief jam in a different place than usual
    • Also ends with them playing intro through the lyrics
    • https://phish.in/1987-05-11/divided-sky
  • 1988 09-24 Amherst, MA (Humphries House "The Zoo" at Amherst College)
  • 1991 07-19 Somerville, MA (Somerville Theater)
  • 2009 12-02 New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
    • According to the podcast, the longest pause hits on this date at over 3 minutes
  • 2002 12-31 New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
    • This is not mentioned on the podcast, but online forums indicate that this is actually the longest pause, clocking in at 2:43
You Enjoy Myself
  • 1988 04-22 Burlington, VT (UVM)
    • Introduced sections of what would become "Foam" as "Marijuana Hot Chocolate"
    • It comes right after "Fire" but was cut from the show link recording on Phish.in'
    • You do hear Trey mention the title, though, before the cut
    • Show Link: http://phish.in/1988-04-22
    • There IS, however, a downloadable version of "Marijuana Hot Chocolate"
  • 1988 10-29 Plainfield, VT (Sculpture Room at Goddard College)
  • 1988 11-03 Boston, MA (Molly's Cafe)


Igor Stravinsky

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