Undermine S01E10

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S01E10: The Community


1986 10-31 Plainfield, VT (Sculpture Room at Goddard College)
1988 01-27 Waitsfield, VT (Gallagher's)
1988 03-11 Stearns, VT (The Base Lodge at Johnson State College)
1988 Telluride Run
1989 04-20 Amherst, MA (Humphries House "The Zoo" at Amherst College)
  • Fan Dan's first Phish show
  • Fire Alarm went off in first set
    • I couldn't hear it, but they mention it in "Fluffhead" at 7 minutes
    • Came back to stage and played "Fire"
  • Fan Dan also made special note of "Walk Away" and "Love You"
  • http://phish.in/1989-04-20
2004 08-15 Coventry, VT (Newport State Airport)


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