I spent the first 18 years of my life gently flirting with heat stroke in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. But from October 3rd, 1978 until the day I finally left Phoenix for college, that awful, blazing sun never got the best of me. 

In 2001 I graduated from American University in Washington, DC with a degree in Visual Media. It was a special time in the world of production. I literally learned to edit using VHS tapes and developed photography in something called a dark room. Look it up, kids.

While at American, I was also a player, producer, and artistic director for the university's marginally better than average comedy troupe, Mission: IMPROV-able. We were actually pretty good and have some fairly distinguished alum. Not me. 

After college, I lived in Colorado for a year because, damn it, those mountains weren't going to ski themselves. And, besides, PF Chang's in Denver seemingly needed a host-with-the-most. Fate brought us together. At least for a couple months until I peaced-out for other odd jobs around town to fund my trips west on I-70 to Breckenridge.

Eventually, though, in January 2004, shortly after doing the whole European backpacker thing and seeing what I can only assume was every single cathedral west of the Elbe, I joined CNN in Atlanta. I started as a Video Journalist. Which is a bit misleading. Back then, Video Journalists didn't actually do any video or, for that matter, journalism. It was the entry level position at the network, and you were basically a glorified production assistant with a fancy title. And I was totally OK with that.

There, I payed my dues, meandered up the ranks, and soon helped usher in podcasting to CNN Digital as the host and head writer of "News of the Absurd." This role - essentially poking fun at local news stories - later led to me becoming a senior producer for original video content, where I produced, shot, and edited hundreds of videos that have been watched over 25 million times. Which I'm told is a lot.

I'm most proud of creating the CNN Red Chair interview series. Through that, I got to go one-on-one with countless notable names including Tom Brokaw, Tommy Lasorda, Jada Pinkett Smith, Bob Barker, Billy Corgan, Temple Grandin, Darrell Hammond, Marc Maron, Dave Ramsey, and Insane Clown Posse, among many more.

I even sat down with Ted Nugent, and he let me hold his new puppy. So, yeah. That happened.

Beyond video, I also wrote a regular humor column for CNN Digital called "Apparently This Matters," which was a rather irreverent take on some of the trending and fun stories popping up all over the Internet. The column was viewed by more than 15 million readers. Which, again, I'm told is a lot. 

In December 2014, after almost eleven years with CNN, I joined CNBC for a two-year stint as senior producer for original video content, taking on the new challenge of reporting financial news. This included conceptualizing and producing high-profile projects with primetime personalities such as Jay Leno. The chin is real. And it's spectacular. 

They also had me report from the annual porn convention in Las Vegas. Twice. 

So, yeah. That also happened.

In March 2017, I took on a new role as a senior writer/producer for (what is now) Warner Bros. Discovery. My group was the internal creative agency for the entire company, and it allowed me to support all of our 60+ iconic brands, including CNN, HBO, WB, Max, HGTV, TNT, TBS, Food Network, Adult Swim, DC, Animal Planet, and more.

Outside of writing and producing, I live a simple little life in Atlanta, where my weekends are often spent on the couch, cursing at the TV, wishing I had never become a loyal fan of Tottenham Hotspur or the Arizona Cardinals. Really, I don't even know why I wake up on Saturdays and Sundays. Generally speaking, it's just not worth it.

I also occasionally shoot photography and produce independent videos that include interviews, live music, and travel, as well as a little bit of acting here and there.

Seriously. You should cast me in somethingI don't mean to brag, but I did have a rather pivotal role as "Bearded Hiker #2" in the sci-fi thriller, Beacon Point. So, you know, I'm sort of an experienced thespian. 

I even had speaking lines. Two sentences. Memorized both.

Just saying.

Even better, as a favor to a young, aspiring filmmaker, I played the creepy boss for an episode of his independent web series. 

Yup. That now lives on the internet. Forever.

Besides lighting up the screen, I also play a little bass guitar and have released two albums with my former band, Animal & the Evolvers. We once played a holiday show that I'm certain was right up there with the greatest live performances in the history of rock n' roll. 

So long as we agree that by "greatest" we mean mediocre at best.

And I was totally OK with that.