Undermine S01E06

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S01E06: Westward Expansion and Improvisation


1988 07-29 Telluride, CO (The Roma)
  • First night of the run, great intro show to Colorado
  • Notable "YEM" and "Curtain With" in first set
  • Good covers like "Skin it Back" and "Good Times Bad Times"
  • Notable "Icculus" and "Forbins"
  • Set three staples like "Whipping Post" and "McGrupp"
  • http://phish.in/1988-07-29
1988 07-30 Telluride, CO (The Roma)
  • Fishman missed first two sets, took LSD and climbed mountains
  • Trey played drums for jazz standards and straight forward tunes
  • Set 2 had Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage"
  • Set 3 "Timber" described as 'torrid'
  • Set 4 "Antelope" has Trey narrating Fish's adventures
  • Set 4 also has ""Fluffhead," "Anarchy," "Dear Mrs. Reagan," and Syd Barrett's "Terrapin"
  • http://phish.in/1988-07-30
1988 08-03 Telluride, CO (Fly Me To the Moon Saloon)
  • Middle night of five show run
  • After "Mikes > Hydrogen" we get a 'real deal' "Fluffhead"
  • Great "Harry Hood"
  • Page sings Duke Ellington's "Satin Doll"
  • Notable "YEM" and "Jesus Just Left Chicago"
  • http://phish.in/1988-08-03
1988 08-04 Telluride, CO (Fly Me To the Moon Saloon)
  • Notable "TMWSIY" and "Alumni Blues" in first set
  • Debut of "Poor Heart" in set one
  • "No Dogs Allowed" noted as maybe being 'the weirdest Phish song ever written,' part of which becomes "Divided Sky"
  • http://phish.in/1988-08-04
1988 08-05 Telluride, CO (The Roma)


Mike's Song


King Crimson
  • Influenced songwriting growth of Phish
  • Robert Fripp says Béla Bartók was biggest influence on the band
  • 1969 Album "In the Court of the Crimson King"
    • Debut record
    • Seen as the logical starting point of progressive rock
    • Can still hear influences of English folk music, but was a path away from R&B driven rock to more composed and classical approaches to songwriting and improv
    • https://open.spotify.com/album/6tVg2Wl9hVKMpHYcAl2V2M
  • 1981 Album "Discipline"
    • Shows NYC minimalism, post-punk, and clear influence for Talking Heads' 1980 album "Remain in Light"
    • Song "Discipline" will hear the building blocks of Phish's "Dave's Energy Guide"
      • "DEG" is probably the most King Crimson-like song of Phish's
    • https://open.spotify.com/album/7KxUQCCvE0edGiqBS6ywEd
  • 1995 Album "THRAK"
  • "I am Hydrogen" and "Slave to the Traffic Light" are 'basically a dedication to Robert Fripp'
  • "Fluffhead," "Divided Sky," "YEM," and "Curtain With" incorporate this progressive rock approach to song construction, though influenced by classical composers instead of R&B
  • King Crimson's approach to improv was to work as a group, as opposed to the more western  approach of one soloist taking center stage while being backed up by the band
Peter Gabriel
  • 1980 Album "Three"
    • AKA: "Melt"
    • Perhaps his strongest album
    • Phil Collins plays most drums and every track features members of the discipline-era King Crimson
    • Sounds dark and claustrophobic and paranoid
      • Partly due to Gabriel demanding no cymbals be used on the album creating sort of a "boxed in" sound
    • First single "Games Without Frontiers" was a top 10 UK hit, but still manages to sound eerie
    • "I Don't Remember" sounds basically like a King Crimson song
    • Final song "Biko" sounds very 80's U2
    • Produced by Steve Lillywhite, who also produced Phish's "Billy Breathes"  and "Joy"
    • https://open.spotify.com/album/0LF0vWmmKRVPXoikpNkO5W

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