Undermine S01E05

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S01E05: The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday


1987 03-23 Brlington, VT (Nectar's)
  • Page is noticeably way up in the mix compared to other recordings from this era, particularly during "Mike's Song," really kind of 'sparring with Trey'
  • http://phish.in/1987-03-23
1987 04-29 Burlington, VT (Nectar's)
1987 08-21 Hebron, NY (Ian McClean's Farm)
  • Was THE tape to have from that period
  • Again, notice all the dogs barking
  • Trey's tone on "Funky Bitch" makes him sound like a 'serious guitarist'
  • Might be first performance using the first Languedoc guitar
  • "Light Up Or Leave Me Alone" shows focus on more composed covers, getting away from The Dead and Allmans
  • http://phish.in/1987-08-21
1988 03-12 Burlington, VT (Nectar's)
  • First Gamehendge performance
  • John Paluska's intro to the band, just happened to walk in that night
  • Zappa played that night in Burlington, likely the entire band attended that show before performing
  • Dubbed 'Storytime at Nectar's'
  • Debut of "Tela" and "Forbin's"
  • http://phish.in/1988-03-12
1988 05-24 Burlington, VT (Nectar's)
  • Set 2 is an hour long with just three songs, ending with a crazy "Whipping Post"
  • Another great example of the jamming of this time
  • http://phish.in/1988-05-24
1988 07-23 Underhill, VT (Pete's Phabulous Phish Phest)
  • They actually open with a jam that we would now consider a type-2 jam
  • Shows their progress in this respect
  • First ever Weekapaug Groove
  • http://phish.in/1988-07-23
1988 July/August in Telluride, CO


Skin It Back
  • 1987 04-29 Burlington, VT (Nectar's)
Quinn the Eskimo
Ride Captain Ride > Dave's Energy Guide
Mike's Song
David Bowie
Who Do? We Do!
The Curtain With
Bold as Love
  • 1988 09-24 Amherst, MA (Humphries House "The Zoo" at Amherst College)



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