Japan 2019 (Rugby World Cup)

Japan 2019
(Rugby World Cup)

I didn't really known anything about rugby. But my lifelong friends, brothers Nathan and Josh, have played the game for years. And in fall 2019 they both got a rare and coveted hall pass from their families to head on over to Japan for the Rugby World Cup. Nathan and Josh invited me to join and, despite not really understanding the game, I agreed. Because when you're in your forties and get a chance to cross the ocean and act a fool, the only correct answer is yes. 

So, I knew this was going to be a special trip, and an educational one at that. Which is why I collaborated with CNN to report back on the Rugby World Cup experience as seen through the eyes of a newb. Here, in these links, are my contributions. Below that is four non-CNN-related YouTube videos documenting my time in Japan. I've also included a link to some random photos because I needed a place to drop them.


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