New College Football Format

New College Football Format

First thing: I don't really care that much about college football. I'm a soccer guy. I do like football - mostly NFL, agonizing as an Arizona Cardinals fan. But, when it comes to the college game, I'm far less interested because there's not a whole lot of rhyme or reason. And, frankly, meaningful consequences. So, I've always been a casual observer. But then I saw all these schools leaving the Pac-12 and I though, "Now this all makes even less sense." 

Thus, I began thinking about how I would improve the format of college football. Not that anything like this would ever happen. The SEC and Big 10 won't willingly give up their strongholds. So, yeah. I gave it more thought than it deserved. Like a LOT more thought than it deserved. And with heavy influence for my love of soccer. 

Later, I told some friends about it over dinner. But I wasn't able to articulate what I was thinking. So, I went home and spent about three hours (clearly time NOT well spent) building this. Then I put it here because I needed closure for this bout of compulsion.

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