2020 02-08 Yonder Mountain String Band

Yonder Mountain String Band
2020 02-08 | Variety Playhouse | Atlanta, GA
The last night of tour is always bittersweet. On the one hand, it's finally time to go home and sleep in your own bed. On the other, it's the end of something beautiful. So, on evenings such as this, the backstage hang tends to be a little more festive - a little more celebratory. But, before that, there are quieter moments of rest and reflection. Multi-instrumentalist, Nick Piccininni, soaked it all up. He's the new guy, and this was his first venture out on the road with Yonder. At one point, shortly before soundcheck, Piccininni roamed the empty hollows of Variety Playhouse, wandering up to the balcony to take in the view. He sat in an empty seat and strummed his mandolin. After soundcheck, Yonder shared their backstage with support act, The Travelin' McCourys. Throughout the night, old friends from both bands shuffled in and out, sharing stories, sharing laughs, and sharing beers. But there was business as well - the small matter of preparing for musical collaborations. At one point it was Benny Galloway jotting down lyrics to "Blue Collar Blues" which he would guest sing with Yonder on stage. Later, guitarist Adam Aijala nestled up to Ronnie McCoury to go over the chord progressions to "Ooh La La," a Faces cover they would perform during an extended encore with The Travelin' McCourys. It all made for a warm, loving end to a long winter tour. Click any image to begin slideshow.

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