2020 01-24 BewhY

2020 01-24 | The Loft at Center Stage | Atlanta, GA
BewhY is one of South Korea's most celebrated rising hip-hop stars. Born Lee Byung-yoon, he started his career with the stage name BY - pronounced BE WHY - but now goes with the stylized version of the pronunciation. He's a devout Christian, and his moniker is intended to evoke meaning. It's certainly not mainstream in the United States, but there's a whole world out there when it comes to Korean hip-hop. And when BewhY brought his corner of that world to Atlanta the fans followed. Prior to the show, he did a little photo-op meet and greet with certain VIP ticket holders, and those same select few were also allowed to hang around and watch soundcheck. Which was a bit of a fiasco. Everything might be going right with BewhY's career, but that doesn't mean technology always has to agree. This was one of those nights where the computers had their own plans. Now running behind schedule and tasked with fixing software issues, his team rallied in real time. The Korean hip-hop show must go on. Click any image to begin slideshow.

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