2020 01-16 Too Many Zooz

Too Many Zooz
2020 01-16 | Variety Playhouse | Atlanta, GA
Playing in Too Many Zooz is a commitment that requires being strapped to your instrument and/or wearing complicated LED outfits (new and brilliantly designed by @FreakyLampss). Which is to say it looks rather demanding both physically and in terms of just making sure all of this shit works. So, soundcheck is reserved not just for fine-tuning audio levels, but seeing that the batteries and wires have somehow survived to live another day. But it's all worth it. The effort creates the experience. Atlanta's Variety Playhouse may be a long way from 2MZ's old busking grounds of the NYC subway system, but even without the tip jar and roar of passing trains, the self-defined "brass house" trio remains kings of the underground. Click any image to begin slideshow.

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