2020 01-09 Jazz is Phish

Jazz is Phish
2020 01-09 | City Winery | Atlanta, GA
Hours before the doors open at City Winery in Atlanta, members of Jazz is Phish begin their soundcheck by working through the details of what (at least to an untrained ear) seems like a rather complicated piece of music - a jazzy (and playfully silly) Phish instrumental called "The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony." Frontman and drummer, Adam Chase, knows the tune. He's a Phish fan. But that doesn't mean the rest of the band does. Doesn't matter. They can play it. Because when Chase takes his tribute to Phish on the road, he always brings new musicians. The best of the best. The kind that can not only read complex music, but also dive fearlessly head first into complicated compositions. Sometimes sight unseen. To wander the stage before the show and watch these guys piece it all together in real time - to witness the creation and evolution of new music from existing songs - is a bit like witnessing magic up close. That's the beauty of Jazz is Phish. Click any image to begin slideshow.

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