2019 11-12 Kikagaku Moyo

Kikagaku Moyo
2019 11-12 | Terminal West | Atlanta, GA

I was recently checking out the concert calendars for different venues in Atlanta and suddenly eyed an interesting name: Kikagaku Moyo. This was just two months after I got back from the Rugby World Cup in Japan, so maybe I was particularly sensitive to seeing a Japanese name. But it struck me. I decided to give them a listen on Spotify. And HOLY SHIT! They were sensational. Later that same day I started emailing with Go Kurosawa from the band, and arranged to do a photo shoot at Terminal West. They were touring with another band from Japan called Minami Deutsch, which offered an unexpected bonus discovery. Their sound was completely new to my ears, this repetitive German-style music affectionately referred to as Kraut Rock. I later learned that term as I followed Minami Deutsch down a music wormhole that ultimately led to a mind-bending 80's band from Düsseldorf called Neu!. I guess what I'm trying to say is that just seeing the name Kikagaku Moyo on a website - and deciding to give them a random listen - not only led to adding three new bands to my Spotify, but a memorable backstage/soundcheck photo session with an incredible group of musicians. Click any image to begin slideshow.

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