2019 10-30 Los Colognes

Los Colognes
2019 10-30 | The Earl | Atlanta, GA

It was a rough night to make live music in Atlanta. With heavy rain pouring down, a city already known for bad traffic was brought to a virtual stand-still. Beyond just the weather, roads were further backed up with another 50,000 people converging downtown before the Atlanta United soccer playoff semi-final. For Los Colognes, all that led to an 8-hour drive down from Nashville - double what it normally takes. At one point during the ride, the band suddenly had to pull over to the side of the road to assist passengers in the car in front of them who literally flipped 360 degrees mid-air. Highway chaos out of a movie. Fortunately, everyone walked away from the incident. Tired and shaken, Los Colognes finally arrived at The Earl. But even with the show pushed back an hour, there wasn't enough time to soundcheck. That's just life on the road. That's rock and roll. Click any image to begin slideshow.

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