Four puppies

April 11, 2019

My girlfriend loves all living creatures. Even insects don't get denigrated as simply "bugs," but elevated to a much higher standard: Animals

As in, "Ay! Amor! There's a giant animal on the wall!"

And then I'm dispatched to deal with a spider or a moth or whatever in a humane and preferably non-lethal fashion. Basically, word has gotten out to Atlanta's wildlife consortium that our house is a safe space.

So when it comes to kittens and puppies - you know, cute animals without wings and stingers, and with four or fewer legs - there's no limit to her affection. Which is why we're now an approved foster home.

Mind you, the inn is already rather full. We have a great dane named Mikey who was not consulted on the matter of sharing his poop kingdom with others. 

And neither was I.

Technically, she did ask if fostering was something I wanted to do. But, let's not kid ourselves. It was implied that it was, in fact, something I wanted to do.

Alas, the day finally came. We were needed for a short-term stay. Three nights. Which, on the surface, seems reasonable. Until you consider that the number of sleeps is one fewer than the number of actual dogs.

Four. Four dogs. Four puppies.

What could possibly go wrong?

Now, on the plus side (for me, anyway), I have to leave tonight on a business trip. So, poop-a-palooza rests firmly (ew) in Carolina's hands. However, on the negative, there's a 50/50 chance I'm going to come home to, "Amor, do you think West Elm has a generous furniture exchange policy?"

So far, Bermuda, Bahama, Cabo, and Fiji have been lovely guests. They ate. They pooped. They played. And they're cute as hell sleeping together in the tub. Which, for what it's worth, is actually a rather comfortable place to rest. I spent the night there once. Long story.

Anyway, Mikey also seems to be fine with the fact that our house is now Canine Kokomo. Amused even. They look like little mini versions of him, and follow in his steps like he's a God. 

"Come forth, young ones! And spill thine kibble so that I may enjoy your offerings to mine Kingdom of Poop!"

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