My Production Gear

Production people are nerds about gear. I'm constantly being asked about mine.

So here is a complete rundown of my customized go-kit. I initially spent about $4,000 to get the essentials. I've since added to that. But It all fits in one backpack and one large rolling suitcase.

- canon 70d (2)
    $1,900 ($950/each refurbished with lens from canon online store)
    - notes:
        - the refurbished cost was $879.99 plus tax
        - these cams basically came to me looking brand new
        - almost paid full price for t6s cams, but 70d had better features
- xiaomi mijia (mi sphere) 360 panoramic 
    - gearbest:
    - $245 (gearbest)
    - notes:
        - this is my first 360 camera, and i love it
        - it’s not a well known brand, and ships from china
        - i was tipped off on this by a friend who really knows all about 360 video
        - it’s amazing for the price
        - the price has gone down since i bought it, but only seems available from gearbest

- canon efs 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 is stm ("standard zoom” kit lens) (2)
    $0 (normally sells new for $550, came with refurb cam purchase)
    - notes:
    - these are not A+ lenses, but they are sufficient for my interviews

- vanguard alta pro 263ap aluminum tripod kit (2)
    - amazon:
    $350 ($175/each on average with tax from amazon)
    - notes:
        - i wish these were just a little more compact (in length) when folded
        - legitimately like these better than the expensive $900 tripods from my work (at the time)
- bestshoot desktop mini tripod
    - amazon:
    - $45 (amazon)
    - model: 4332014070
    - notes
        - i use this for 360 video as my base
- kingjoy monopod
    - amazon:
    - $33 (amazon)
    - model: mp208f
    - notes:
        - i removed the wrist strap and large circle head at the top to keep it clean and narrow
        - this connects to the mini tripod for 360 video
        - used as a telescoping pole for height
        - topped with a kingjoy bd-0 mini ball head
- kingjoy mini ball head
    - amazon:
    - $12 (amazon)
    - model: bd-0
    - notes:
        - this is used for 360 video
        - it’s very small (not good for large cameras)
        - perfect for a lightweight 360 because of the head’s slip profile … it hides well

- rode rodelink fm wireless filmmaker system (2)
    - amazon:
    $800 ($400/each on amazon)
    - model: rl-film (includes: tx-belt and rx-cam)
    - notes:
        - these are half the price of the sennheiser and all reviews showed it sounding the same
        - included lav mic wire isn’t the best - only downside (the actual thin wire)
        - eventually will have to upgrade to actual sennheiser mic at $150 each:
        - threaded part of lav mics can fall off, so i’m having rode send me a couple extras (562-364-7400)
- rode videomic go
    - amazon:
    $100 (amazon)
    - notes:
        - this better version of this is the $230 pro:
        - this one does not need a battery and has built-in mini-to-mini plug
        - the pro needs battery, but allows for up to 20db gain
        - decent sound for controlled environments, may upgrade to pro as a second

audio recorder
- zoom h5
    - amazon:
    $250 (amazon)
    - notes:
        - chose this over the h6 because i see the most i will need is 3 inputs
        - the xyh-5 mic capsule has a mini-in for a third mic (as opposed to xlr)
        - it’s $150 cheaper than the h6
        - the h4n pro might do what i need, but it is new and i think it's limited to only 2 direct inputs
        - the plastic on the capsule around the mics is a little cheap and breakable

- savage luminous pro led video light (3)
    - amazon:
    $324 ($108/each on amazon)
    - model: led-204
    - notes
        - chose these over the entire set with stands because i want to just mount them on my camera hotshoes
        - the third light will require a light stand since i only use two cameras (right now) for interviews
        - from my initial order of three, one was fine, one had a burned out led, and one had the test button punched in 
        - ordered two new ones from amazon and processed the return of the two damaged ones
- altura photo 160 led camera light
    - amazon:
    - $40 (amazon)
    - notes:
        - this is sort of just a backup light for when i need it

        - it’s in a nice case that i keep with my kit

light stand
- impact ls-rl7 7’2” reverse legs light stand (2)
    - amazon:
    $90 ($45/each on amazon)
    - model: ls-rl7
        - originally bought just one for my third light, the one that wouldn’t be mounted on a camera hotshoe
        - have since gone to two stands, and one light on the center cam

memory cards
- (3) sandisk 32gb extreme pro uhs-i sdhc u3
    - bh:
    - $66 ($22/each at bh)
    - model: sdsdxp-032g-a46
    - notes: 
        - i bought from bh instead of amazon because i feared possible fakes
        - however i realized i already had three 32gb cards at home, so returned these
        - the $66 listed above is to show what i would have paid
- (2) sandisk 64gb extreme pro uhs-i sdxc
    - bestbuy:
    $120 ($60/each at best buy)
    - model: sdsdxp-064g-a46
    - notes: 
        - i bought from best buy one day in an emergency when i ran out of memory, probably paid too much
        - bh looks to have them for about $35, and i will see if best buy will price match
        - i probably needed them anyway, and will become my primary video cards

- altura backpack
    - amazon:
    - model: great explorer
    $60 (amazon)
    - notes:
        - great design
        - wasn’t sure at first if i liked that the main compartment opened from back side
        - decided it’s good to protect from thieves and from falling backward
- samsonite cruisair dlx 30” spinner
    - amazon:
    $200 (amazon)
    - notes:
        - this is my big case that holds everything that's not in the backpack
        - tripods and light stand go on one side
        - monoprice light case and a tupperware full of wires are in the middle
        - ukulele case goes the length of the other side (for interviews)
        - huge mesh zip pouch in top compartment
        - has a ten year warranty
- monoprice cases
    $124 ($41.33/each on monoprice)
    - model: 12682
    - notes:
        - one for my lights, one for my audio gear, one for cameras
        - 12” x 10” x 8” with pick and pull foam
        - ended up just using one in the end for my lights
        - the other two i store away and will only use if I take the audio or cams out without the backpack
        - overall, three was probably a waste of money - i like them, but only needed one
- ukulele case
    - amazon:
    $130 (amazon)
    - model: crf1000subk 
    - notes:
        - this is the soprano size
        - normal people don't need this
            - i do for my interviews for my little postcard gimmick    

- limostudio flash bracket (2)
    - amazon:
    $40 ($20/each on amazon)
    - model: agg1811
    - notes:
        - this is a bracket that can screw onto a 1/4 or 3/8 inch tripod or light stand screw
        - has a hot shoe built in and can swivel
        - using for third led light so i can mount it on a stand
- canon remote controller
    - amazon:
    $20 (amazon on 2016 11-30)
    - model: rc-6
    - notes:
        - this is the perfect solution for when my videos go longer than 30 minutes
        - as the camera stops recording, simply aim and press while in “2” mode
        - this will restart the video
        - camera must be in 10 or 2 second “drive” mode, as set on the upper right
        - for using as an actual camera, best to take it out of drive into single shot mode again 
- tiffen 67mm uv protection filter (2)
    - amazon:
    $20 ($10/each at amazon)
    - model: 67uvp
    - notes:
        - these are to protect from both the sun and scratches
- altura lens hood (2)
    - amazon:
    $20 ($10/each at amazon)
    - model: ---
    - notes:
        - my cams did not come with the hood, so ordered these non-canon ones just to have them
- sennheiser male (screw on) mini to male xlr (2)
    - bh:
    $66 ($33/each at bh)
    - model cl-100
    - notes:
        - these are to go from the wireless receiver to the zoom
        - sennheiser contact info for replacing busted one (since bh will not): 860-434-9190
- rode vxlr adapter mini-jack female to xlr male
    - amazon:
    $10 (amazon)
    - notes:
        - after buying the sennheiser cl-100’s i really don’t need this
        -  keeping it anyway to have as a backup in case one of those fails or for whatever reason
- headphones
    - amazon:
    $10 (amazon)
    - model: sentey ls-4230
    - notes:
        - purchased cheap, shitty over-ear headphones with a case
        - don’t want in-ear headphones so others can use it and not have it be gross
        - wanted something in a case so that they would store easily and stay with my kit
        - these are not good by any means, but they get the job done for monitoring zoom audio
- grey card
    - amazon:
    $8 (amazon)
    - model: lightdow ld-fb131
    - notes:
        - this is for white balancing pre-production
        - i never use it
- bestshoot 38” aluminum monopod
    - amazon:
    - $17 (amazon)
    - notes:
        - this is a short telescoping pole for 360
        - replaced this with the kingjoy mp208f
        - worked fine, but was a little short and i wanted the option to get higher
        - now used as a backup
        - i put an adapter 1/4” to 3/8” screw head on the top

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