Open Letter to DEXTER showrunner Scott Buck

At the end of your recent Q & A with James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly, you addressed wether or not you would view fan reactions to the season finale of Dexter:

What’s your plan for when the finale airs? Are you going to read viewer reactions?
BUCK: It’s always a little scary, but I think it would be disrespectful to not hear what people are saying.

If you really are reading through the countless blogs and comments I'm sure you've seen that the general reaction has been anger and disappointment.  And, perhaps, it's made you no longer want to "hear what people are saying."

And I wouldn't blame you.

God knows I couldn't take that kind of criticism on such a grand scale.  That's why I aspire to accomplish very little in my life.  It's just easier that way.  So I nap a lot.

And I rarely wear pants.  Unrelated.

All that said, I do hope you take a moment to read this.  Because after finally getting a chance to watch last night's episode, I have to say that I really liked it.  A lot.

And even if I didn't, I assure you that constructing a perfect ending to a wonderful series like Dexter is far beyond my capabilities.

Mind you, so is correctly spelling my own name.  But that's not the point.

The point is this: As you read these criticisms, just remember that creating is difficult.  Sustaining is difficult.  And, in the very end, pleasing the masses is impossible.

Bloggers and commenters couldn't do it any better, and the fact that so many people are angry means you already won.

Thanks for giving us Dexter.


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