Three Listens (Album Reviews)

Three Listens
Album Reviews By Jarrett Bellini

:: About ::
In this era of digital music - of which I am absolutely a part of - it seems people don't just sit and listen to albums anymore.  Cherry picking individual tracks is simply too easy.  So, in March 2013, for my own enjoyment, I decided to start reviewing full albums in a very particular way.  These reviews aren't necessarily for others, so much as they primarily exist for me as a rather forced, systematic approach to listening to music the way I used to before all the ones and zeros.  Please note that my thoughts do not represent my employers, however I do feel that I speak for my dog who agrees with me on everything, but does not have the ability to type.

:: How It Works ::
Each review will begin with a bias, clearly explaining my past taste history with that particular artist.  Afterward, I'll comment on three different listens of the album, the first two with headphones, and the final one out loud through speakers. The first pass is simply for a broad, general feel.  The second listen will note specific details and ideas about individual songs.  The third listen will include final thoughts and adjustments to prior comments.  I've decided not to do star ratings or scores, but, after three full rounds of the album, I'll try to sum it all up in a sentence and also suggest three songs for sharing and dropping into a playlist.  Because that's what you're going to do, anyway.  And that's OK.

March 18, 2013
Low :: "The Invisible Way" :: Coming Soon

March 12, 2013
Eric Clapton :: "Old Sock"

March 5, 2013