Undermine S01E09

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S01E09: The Moment of Inspiration


1985 11-23 Plainfield, VT (Goddard College)
  • Mike had his religious experience, illuminating his soul to commit to music, this after smoking a joint during setbreak
  • See notes below for "Whipping Post"
  • Played in cafeteria with stage in the round
  • More of a loose practice feel, but totally inspirational, especially for Mike
  • Still can hear the Dead influence in the band
  • http://phish.in/1985-11-23
1988 03-12 Burlington, VT (Nectar's)


Whipping Post

Grateful Dead
  • 1969 - 1972 saw their songwriting really take shape
    • This is really also when the jams started to explode
    • Before this time, they were a very different band
      • This is referred to on the pod as "Primal Dead"


Found this great site while searching for shows

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